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Air Cannon For Declogging

Air Cannon (Air Blaster, Big Blaster XHV, Shock Blaster) , also known as air flow-aiding machine or bunker dredger (block clearer), is a special device for preventing and removing material arching and blocking in various types of silo, hopper, preheater kiln, piping crotch and draw shaft and slide slope. It can be used on steel, concrete and wood-based hopper. It is widely used in the coal, metallurgical, chemical, thermal power, cement and other industries. Air cannon, as a good flow assistant systems, it can effectively prevent the buildup of materials and solve the blocking problems  in transfer chutes, storage vessels, and process equipment such as preheater towers and clinker coolers.
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Product Overview

The built-up and arching of materials in the bunker has already become an inevitable universal malady of all types of bunkers. It is necessary to equip bunkers with a most advanced and ideal device preventing arching and promoting flowing of materials to improve the flow rate of materials in the bunker and to prevent arching, blocking and sticking of materials in the bunker with the most safe, energy-saving and quick method while maintaining the continuity of the production process. A frequent problem in thermoelectric power station is the blocking of raw coal bunker, which harms the raw coal problem in thermoelectric power station is the blocking of raw coal bunker, which harms the raw coal bunker greatly and may leads to output drop of the coal mill or even spontaneous combustion and explosion.
Dredging equipments, like air cannon and dredging machine, manufactured by our company have been widely applied in a lot of power plants. With the significant blocking removal effects, high degree of automation and little maintenance work; it can replace dangerous and money-consuming arch-breaking flow-aiding methods with poor effects, such as manual poking, explosive explosions, mechanical vibration and wearing plate; which can decrease the labor intensity, ensure the production safety, and bring intangible economic benefits. Free of public hazard and pollution, it is recognized as the most advanced economic, optimal, environmental and safest arch-breaking flow-aiding equipment.

Introduction to air cannon
Air cannon (Air Blaster), also known as air arch-breaking flow-aiding machine or dredger, eliminates the blocking by a sudden expansion shock wave, generated from the sprayed strong compressed gas with a speed of over I mach (sound velocity), directly blowing the blocked materials. It can resume material flow at one operation without causing the static friction of materials. As the compressed air is spraried like vortex, it is also called vortex blaster. It's a new patent of our company. Applying the aerodynamics, the equipment can convert compressed air into jet kinetic force with strong impct force uding a differential pressure device and automatic-controlled quick exhaust valve in it; so it is a kind of ideal clean and pollutiong-free block-cleaning soot -blowing equipment with low energy consumption.

Applications of Air Cannon / Blaster System
Air cannon (BIG BLASTER / XHV Air Cannon) is also know as flow-aids device, it is a special equipment to solve the arching, blocking and sticking problems of the materials in the bunkers, silos, preheater kilns, pipe crotch and tube wells. The air cannon system is widely used  in coal mines, coal washeries, cement factories, power plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants , steel mills, cocking plants, mine, wharf, feed mills, concrete factories and other industrial enterprise with bunkers, silos, runnin pipings and mine chutes.
The euqipment possesses advantages of simple structure strong impact force, safe, energy saving, easy operation with automatic control, and damage free for bunkers.

● Fast ejecting effectively breaking material bridge and eliminating blocking;
The combined air cannon with strong applied force;
Operating almost silently with low noise and no polltion;
The no-leakage design may effectively utilize the energy;
Materials in the bunker may not be compressed;
Required minimal maintenance: remove parts simply, since there are no motors and bearings, there is no need to apply lubrication;
The strong ejecting force may be applied for wide range effectively;
The special reset device allows automatic resetting quickly after ejecting to block the materials in the bunker enters the body by mistake;
The service life is long, and free maintenance is provided for all parts and components within one year.

Major Reasons and Forms for Bunker Blocking
Currently, the raw coal bunker of domestic thermal power plant often applies the cement, steel and concrete structures, which mostly are cylindrical, square tapered (at the bottom) shape, conical and hyperbolic. The large mouth at top is the inlet, and the small mouth at bottom is the outlet. Materials drop from the top to the bottom by gravity. Since the dropping materials flows in the tapered container, the sectional areas become increasingly smaller as going down. Then the materials will be pressed, and the friction increases. Therefore, it is the main reason for blocking. Otherwise, there are other reasons concerning with the materials’ water content, the fineness degree, change of temperature, time for materials being stocked in the bunker, the increasing friction coefficient between the wall and the materials. Currently, the blocked materials mainly shape in arch, parabola and some shape like fireplace. The blocked part mostly lies in the place top of the material gate within 1.5m and 3.5(but not limited in the range). In this range, a thin layer of materials may be adhered on those areas within that range, then the friction increases, and it may expands axially and radially. The thickness grows correspondingly. Consequently, blockings of different shapes form.

Because of humid or compressing as well as other reasons, various air arch blocking may be formed in bunkers. To satisfy different needs, our company provides air cannons in different specifications:
1. The air cannon with a volume of 50L or 70L are mainly applied to the bunkers with small volume as well as small section area for stocking materials with small specific gravity and better flowability such as grains, sawdust, plastics, ash, and cement, and it is also applicable to material-feeding pipeline.
2. The air cannon with a volume of 75L, 100L and 150L IS mainly applied to small and medium sized bunker to store average materials, such as chemical material, cement and sand for casting, gangue, etc. and it is also applicable to small loading gate.
3. The air cannon with a volume of 150L or 300L IS mainly applied to bunkers with large volume but small sectional area for stocking materials with large specific gravity and poor flowability where materials are easily to be adhered, such as various medium sized loading coal bunker, raw coal bunker with large capacity, surge bunker, fine ores bunker and so on.
4. The air cannon with a volume of 500L is mainly applied to large coal bunker, fine ores bunker with specific large gravity as well as others with different purposes.

1. Since different materials with different characteristics, the crusting and blocking situation varies. Therefore, there are great differences on the quantity on the quantity of air cannon applied. Generally, the finer the power, the more difficult when they are cleared, and the blocked massive materials are hard to be eliminated either due to material biting.
2. There are cylindrical and square bunker, the diagonal line will be regarded as diameter when it comes to square bunker.
3. Air cannons with large volume shall be applied under the following conditions:
A. powder materials with strong adhesiveness
B. massive material that may appear biting situation
C. solidified materials due to long-time storage
D. the bunker with gentle taper angel and small outlet
E. materials with strong moisture absorption or sensitive to temperature which may exert influence on the flowability
4. Application in places with explosion-proof requirement shall use the pneumatic control valve and exhaust valve of explosion-proof type.

Control for operation of air cannon
The operation of air cannon is very flexible. There are several control modes for your selection, including single control with manual an pneumatic mode, single control with electric mode and shoot in group, and timing automatic shoot. The operation procedure goes as follows: Open air inlet valve first, then the air cannon will flow over into cannon automatically, press “start” to send a pulse electric signal or air signal to quick exhaust valve to start shooting, and then air cannon will release strong airflow through exhaust outlet, then it will come back to original state ready for the next operation cycle in any time. Manual operation of air cannon is conducted by operating buttons or using knob in reversal valve, and automatic control system is executed by air cannon automatic controller. We can also adopt programmable controller to control the entire process system. Operator can set operating order of air cannon system or make separate operation to designated single air cannon via buttons on the control panel. We are aim to provide with a safe and automatic system which can realize unmanned control of air cannons.

Automatic Control System
We have intelligent control box dedicated for air cannon developed by our company which is superior to universal PLC in performance. Dedicated equipment, which can be easily programmed and not need profession skill, have a sound communication function and reasonable I/O setting, which can meet your various needs such as linking up network, multi-computer management, sounding alarm and so on.

There are 3 working modes:
1. Programme-control automatic mode: in this mode, time sequence control and conditioned reflex control can be achieved. Also the function of setting start an stop of equipment can be achieved, and then operator can set the start and stop time of equipment according to actual situation so as to obtain the best result.
2. Remote microcomputer control: operator can control every start or stop button involved in equipment control by controlling microcomputer through mouse (or keyboard).
3. Onsite manual operation: by press button of control cabinet in the field.

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